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  • semi-permanent microshading eyebrow service

    350 US dollars
  • give your natural lashes a boost without extensions!

    65 US dollars
  • Full brow sculpt + henna tint for perfect brows for up to 3 weeks!

    55 US dollars
  • Get full, feathery brows that stay in place for up to 3 weeks!

    50 US dollars
  • Whiter teeth that are out of this world in just 30 mins!

    50 US dollars
  • Add bling to your smile!

    50 US dollars
  • Enhance Lip Color or Balance Discoloration for a natural healthy glow

    200 US dollars
  • a Needle-Free alternative to lip fillers!

    200 US dollars
  • Laser Lipo,Cavitation, Lymphatic Drainage combined to get you snatched

    75 US dollars
  • wood therapy and vacuum therapy lift, shape & plump your booty

    50 US dollars

  • 65 US dollars
  • Schedule your free body contouring consultation

    15 US dollars
  • Needle-Free injection which dissolves targeted fat!

    Starting at $150
  • Natural exfoliation removes dead skin cells, promotes healthy skin.

    50 US dollars
  • Relax and bask in skin masks and oils applied to the body

    85 US dollars
  • Rapid waist slimming and weight loss enhancing body wrap

    85 US dollars
  • Needle-free Hyaluron lip filler combined with lip blushing

    350 US dollars
  • Meso-Lipo + Cavitation

    120 US dollars
  • Lash Lift + Brow Lamination

    100 US dollars

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